Welcome to ‘Dog Grooming by Helen’

My name is Helen and I’m a City & Guilds trained professional dog groomer based in Bradworthy.

I have always had a great love of dogs and I am ‘mum’ to Yogi the Briard and Boris the Sheep-a-doodle (Old English Sheep Dog x Standard Poodle), as well as 3 cats and a number of hens.


When our previous dog groomer moved away I decided to take the grooming of our dogs into my own hands. After a while, and enjoying it so much, I took things a step further and in early 2014 embarked on a City and Guilds Professional Dog Grooming course training with one of the Country’s top award winning dog groomers.

I love my job very much and find it very satisfying and worthwhile. There aren’t any bad days, sometimes challenging ones but every day is worth it to see my clients smiling faces and receive their praise when they pick up their pooch after a visit to the salon.

Why Choose Dog Grooming By Helen?

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My aim is to look after your beloved family member by providing a professional service in a clean, caring, relaxed and safe environment which will ensure your dog has a pleasant experience.

Every dog is different and will have their own needs and, as such, should be treated as an individual. I only have one dog at a time in the salon so I can provide him or her with one to one attention. By taking time to listen to you and treating all of your furry four legged visitors to my salon with the care and attention I would give my own pets, I want to give you the confidence that I appreciate your dog is special.

I use the latest grooming equipment which includes a hydrobath and only natural, organic shampoos and conditioners are used which are kind to your dog and the environment. I use a high velocity dryer (no drying cages are used) that also aids the removal of any dead or loose hair. I constantly strive to attain the highest possible standards at an affordable price.

I monitor stress levels of every dog in my care and alter handling accordingly. I will continue to reassure your dog whilst he/she is in my care. I allow ‘breaks’ for all dogs mid way through a groom to have a wander around outside, have a drink or do their ‘doggy business’.

After we’ve discussed your dog’s grooming requirements, you simply leave him/her with me and pick them up when they are ready. Depending on the breed of dog and what level of ‘groom’ he/she is having the average time your dog will be with me is between 1½ hours to 3 hours. However, I will call you beforehand with an accurate collection time.

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